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Introduction Statement

The objective of the Mariners Coalition is to create a conduit for communication and the dissemination of information between boaters and law enforcement agencies.  As a result of numerous meetings with representatives of these law enforcement agencies and the Mariners Coalition, significant improvements have been made as it relates to clarification of rules and regulations in international waterways.

The Mariners Coalition is now a direct means of interacting between boaters and enforcement officers.  The mission of the Mariners Coalition is to continue the dialog between boaters and law enforcement agencies to advise and disseminate information to the boating community regarding changes in rules and regulations and the expectations of boaters and law enforcement personnel.  In this manner it is hoped to be able to discuss anticipated and/or potential/existing problems and resolve mutual concerns.

It should be noted that due to the ever-changing rules and regulations, the community at large is encouraged to visit this website often for updated information and feel free to email questions or comments as often as necessary to keep current on laws and regulations and clarify ambiguities, as they may exist, in the hopes that all boaters will have trouble-free passage and great memories to share of their travels in the Blue Water Area.

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Download the minutes from our Subcommittee meeting:
October 17, 2012 pdf

U.S. Customs and Border
Protection Website:

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Canada Border Services
Agency Website:

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United States Coast Guard:
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St. Clair County Sheriff
Marine Division:

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Reporting Requirements for Private Boats Entering the United States and Canada:

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